Links of LOVEdon

Links of London, £125

You know when you see something and then you just love it? happens to me a lot but when i obsess over it, i sometimes go back to buy it to find that i don’t actually like it that much anymore because its been so long since i’ve actually seen it in the flesh. But at the moment i am loving on this purse from Links Of London….£125 WOAAHH now. TBH i never thought that there was much point in buying a purse that you couldn’t fill with money for as much as its worth (sounds confusing but i understand what i mean!) but i still love it and im hoping that by 1st april its still in the shops because i reaaaaaaaaallllllllllllly want to buy it but next paycheck (i say next…more like first) doesnt come in till end of feb but then i have monies to pay back to parents…3/4 of my money gone already and the rest is probably with the tax man!! but we can all dream…


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