New Shoe Love

So, you know when you see a pair of shoes and fallinstantly in love!? well, I found them! With River islands shoes, some of the designs are a bit out there but some are just classics that you just need. So I fell in love with these when I found them. They come in Red, Black, Purple and a print as well (I feel like I’ve seen them in a lime green too?!?!) Anyway, these are them! I think they’re gorgeous and debated on whether they were worth the £50 that they cost. Well, I bought them anyway. but I was saddened when I tried them on 😦 for some reason, they didn’t look right. I felt like they made my foot look a bit long, which I didn’t expect considering they are quite high. But I think they main reason I’m sending them back is because there is too much toe area! No one wants to see the whole of my toe section of my foot! But if they were £30, I think I could have justified spending the money, but on a tight student budget, it’s a no go. Back to ASOS they go!


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