Summer’s coming

So, as you have been wandering around the shops, you can probably tell that summer is on its  way. With the pastel tones and Bold


brights, you can’t shy away from wanting to start shopping for you’re summer wardrobe now (Despite you still wearing you’re coat, scarf and boots whilst browsing) But the thing i love most about the summer is WEDGES. Whilst waiting for a friend in town today, i gave in and had a look in ALDO, where i bought my last years summer staple wedges from, so when i saw that summer had also arrived at


ALDO, I couldn’t have been more excited! Now these wedges to the left, I bought them in black to wear as a staple for over winter and MY GOSH they are comfy! unfortunately, due to my changing foot size, they have now become too big and i am subjected to staring at them rather than wearing them. So hopefully, with the next size down, i will have more luck in these gorgeous bold Pink ‘HERENA’ wedges. However, at £80, i may have to part with my black ones on ebay first! They also come in Teal too. But these shoes on the right could be carried through to winter. They’re just so glitzy! and only £65 quid (under £60 with student discount) and for shoes that will last you a LONG time. Perfect! But check out the website for the rest of the summer must haves x



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