Topshop – peep toe wedges

Topshop SEATTLE Ankle Strap Platforms, £68

Topshop LENNY Wedge Heel Sandal, £65

So i went to Topshop the other day looking for a pair of standard shoes, preferably black, for when i go on nights out. So i found a pair of shoes that, although high and have a bit of cream on them (left) they looked like i could wear them and have them as standard shoes so i seemed to have broken my standard miss selfridge shoes (you could go all night having walked to the club and back, danced and queued) so i asked the sales assistant if they had my size, nope, not in my size. so whilst waiting for her to come back, i saw some black wedged sandals i quite liked (right) so i asked if they had them in my size, and thinking that they don’t seem to have anything in my size, i still browsed. turns out they don’t have them in my size either. I saw some nice black peep toe wedges and i don’t usually go for anything peep toe cause my toes are weird! but i thought, might as well. They’re wedges so they look comfortable. And i cant wear any shoes without straps because my feet are an odd size they just slip out! So i tried on these wedged peep toe lace up shoes (below) and fell in love. Goes to show that you good things can come if you don’t always stick to what you know! go grab a pair!

Topshop SICILY Peep Toe Wedge Shoes, £68


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