Gossard Floral Explosion

Floral Explosion Plunge Bra, £34. Floral Explosion Shorts, £16

So, as you can tell I’m a big fan of Gossard as they just fit so well! They’ve just added a new range from there AW12 range called Floral Explosion in Sapphire which is a kind of purple/blue. You can’t not love it. It’s such a step for Gossard as well as I’ve been a fan for years. And I’m not saying that their other ranges aren’t amazing either, because they are, but I’m just in love with this set. In the set is a bra, a thong, shorts and a suspender. I’ve just ordered my set, where you also get a free Superboost bra with it from the email promotion. They also send you out some love hearts in the Gossard bags, such a nice touch!

Have a browse through their new AW12 new brochure, some of their new stuff is GORGEOUS! looking forward to receiving my set!

You can buy this set on their website www.gossard.com and at the moment if you buy two items from the floral explosion range, you can a free super boost satin bra in black!


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