50 Shades – Brief Review

So, no doubt, you will have heard of 50 shades. If not, god knows where you’ve been hiding! Having heard a lot about the trilogy, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and have a read. I’m not a big fan of over complicated books and recently I only tend to read books that are being made into films as i enjoy going to the cinema, so having heard that these books weren’t the most well written, I thought perfect! Especially for taking on holiday.

I understand what people mean by them not being well written, as I, with only a B in GCSE english, would write a book in a similar style to the trilogy. I think what draws you in more is the attraction and sexual tension between the two lead characters Christian Grey and Ana Steele and the 3 books detail the ups and downs they go through in being together.

There isn’t much of a storyline to the first one, it’s mainly about their sexual journey together, but through each book, the storyline becomes more prominant and becomes less about sex, but you have to wait for the 3rd book before that happens.

So all in all, I personally think they’re not half bad books. And what I’ve told my friends when i suggest reading them (7 of my friends are reading them due to my recommendation!) and they ask ‘Are they actually any good?’ I just tell them that you don’t read the books for the well written, literary genius… 😉


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