Ciate Nail Varnish in Jelly Bean

Having lived in a house with 3 girls, I rarely had to buy nail varnish as I mostly just borrowed theirs. But having moved back home, I’ve had to resort back to using colours from my own dire nail varnish collection.

I recently bought the Marie Claire July edition (So I’d bought it at the start of June) and usually these days I only buy magazines with free gifts (money saving!!) and Ciate Nail varnish was free with the magazine. I went for the Pink ‘Jelly Bean’ colour and I’m in love!

I haven’t worn another nail varnish is over a month! And it actually lasts (and doesn’t chip with two coats on) and the outcome makes my nails look like I’ve gone for a manicure or that I’m wearing fake nails the finish is that good. It also has a purple shimmer, but isn’t as noticeable when applied to the nails.

The bottle’s come with a Bow to the front so they’re hard to miss. The Nail varnish retails at about £9 but if you’re serious about nail varnish, it’s well worth it. You can browse the website here


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