Top 10 Picks for AW12 River Island

As you could probably tell from the majority of my posts recently, I’ve been looking at the recent collections or collections for AW12. I’ve recently become a massive fan of river island, despite them not offering student discount. But I never used to be a fan, I used to think it was more, for lack of a better word, a style for ‘wannabe WAGs’ and I would have called it a bit trashy and pricey too. But River Island have really turned around and jumped onto the fashion wagon and they even have prices that purse friendly…well my purse anyway! So below are some of the AW12 collection I really like, even though I could never get away with wearing some of them. Me…high waisted shorts!?…behave!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There were a lot of funky prints and studs in the collection and a few of my fave peplums too! Although this is my Top 10, I could’ve chosen the majority of the collection


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