Wedding Guest Outfit

So I’m heading to a wedding this weekend and, having never been to a wedding, I really wasn’t sure what type of clothes one wears to a wedding! and also, any chance to buy a new dress is fine by me.

My first option was to go floral and i found this dress on ASOS

and having had a look at river island, this floral number was in the sale and i thought would be perfect

But i think, with my body shape and having quite predominant hips, it would just make me look bigger. So then i went river island again with this lace peplum dress

It fit well, hid the bits i wanted hidden but i just felt like the colour wasn’t right. It was a bit too ‘this is the colour of the wedding dress’ perfect for a summer night out or holiday but having purchased the dress, i had to take it back (bargain at £30 as well!)

I ended up heading to primark and found this absolute bargain (£10) pink peplum dress (they also had them in Red, Navy and White)

Although the image makes it looks red, it’s actually a dark pink and it fits so well too, hugs the right bits and hides the wrong bits! Could also be perfect as a work dress or just a general party dress as its quite a smart material rather than a jersey material. I checked with the main guest I’m going with (I’m only a +1) and I got the OK!

Now I just have to find a jacket, cardigan, scarf, shoes and bag to go with it!! At least i have the main outfit sorted. Any recommendations for any of the above that would go well with the dress??


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