Possible Christian Greys….

I’ve posted before my own brief review about the 50 shades trilogy….so the talk now is the muchly anticipated film adaptation…and who’s gonna play hot stuff hot shot christian grey.

Here’s a few of the men who I think could potentially be perfect for the role…!

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling – Gorgeous. And you know christian Grey is the most handsomest of them all and who wouldn’t be more perfect. But you know, I can’t imagine him portraying the mean side to Christian though…

Ian Somerhalder

Ian….Cheeky. Gorgeous but I feel like he’s too cheeky for Christian Grey but I think he could be the all rounder that christian is.

Henry Cavill

Another Actor who the Christian Grey Fan Facebook page have recommended to play Christian Grey. Gorgeous and I think perfect. He has it all going on.

Matt Bomer

Matt first came onto my radar when he was in Magic Mike (if you haven’t seen it yet….go see it, the storyline isn’t that great but the dancing…my god) but after watching several fan made youtube videos of him, I think he would be perfect to play him.

Alex Pettyfer

And last but not least, another Magic Mike Actor. I think he has it all going on especially the rough side 😉 I’ve been a fan of him since he was in storm breaker so maybe it would be a bit odd if I see him acting out all the kinky-ness from the book.

Analeigh Tipton

Thought I’d include an Ana Steele potential. She’s been in Crazy Stupid Love and although she looks young, I think she could really portray the innocence of Ana.


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