50 shades of Lingerie

It seems that the 50 shades trilogy is really looking for ways to expand and cash in on the best selling book of the year. You may have heard that the sales of ropes and hardware have rocketed and I’ve even heard on the grapevine that they’re thinking of expanding into sex toys. But the latest of course is the lingerie. When i think of 50 shades and the lingerie it would create, it reminds me of edible underwear, crotchless panties and the like. A few years ago when i was young and niave and went into agent provocateur and saw a bra which had no cups and was basically just the underwire, straps and back fastening. So, although Agent Provocateur is a bit more upmarket than 50 shades but I imagine it t product something similar.


However, the suspenders alone for this are £110, the bra’s £110 too!

Birthday Suit Playsuit

Birthday Suit Playsuit

 Or Even something from Nichole De Carle (Gorgeous lingerie from a great designer)

Westminster Multiway Detachable Bra

So you get the jist of what i expect the lingerie from the ‘mommy porn’ book from how kinky it is. But I presume it will be a little more price accessible for those who are interested in it and have read 50 shades so perhaps a little more Ann Summers – who actually have a 50 shades page full with the books, sex toys and sex props (whips and padddles etc)

Paige Black Lace Soft Bra, £12

Are you exctited for the range to come out?!


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