Travelling Tip #1 – Neck Pillow

As trivial as this sounds, a neck pillow has actually been my god send. Travelling around Thailand and Cambodia so far, catching god knows how many buses just to get to one destination means that you will be travelling at some point in the night or early morning when you’re still tired and have just woken up. I, on the off chance, bought a neck pillow me with and I haven’t regretted it since! The times I haven’t used it I have always had a crick in my neck and it doesn’t help that I’m not a fan of the pillows they give you in hotels…I’m just fussy. Ruth & Ryan (who I’m travelling with) disagree with the neck pillow, especially mine, as it comes the full way around your neck. However, Ryan does have one, but it is more of a pillow which is great for taking to festivals as well, rather than using your hoody as a pillow. And whats great about the neck pillow is that you have to blow it up, so it saves space for all the crap that you buy on your travels along the way! Happy Campers!


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