Stiletto Booties – AW12 Trend

Although I love my heels, I’ve never been one for heeled boots as, after hours of wear my feet, ache like they do on a night out. But having a read of Elle Magazine, a current trend is Stiletto Booties.

This is next level boot wearing in my eyes! I know Stiletto boots aren’t a new fangled fashion, but they are a trend for this season. I’ve come to share with you my absolute favourite pair I’ve seen so far…

Christian Louboutin Thierry Mugler Fall 2012

Christian Louboutin for Mugler. Aren’t they gorgeous and expensive!?

I think these are my favourites as although they’re classed as a boot, they also look more like a pair of heels (we’ll call them cut out booties). Do you love them as much as me?!

Another Variation which I also love, but I would class these more as heels.

Christian Louboutin Thierry Mugler


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