Burberry Sunglasses

I’m back in England now from my 3 months travelling around SE Asia and one of the pains about travelling is the amount of time you have to wait around.

Thankfully I was travelling with my friend Ryan whilst Ruth carried on with her travels to Oz, but Ryan and I had a 4 hour wait in Hanoi Airport (and if you’ve ever been you’ll know how tiny it is) As we were at the end of the trip, we had no money between us so couldn’t buy anything so all we could do was ‘window shop’ (in the sense of the word as there were actually no windows)

They had a sunglasses shop and I fell in love with a pair of Burberry sunglasses. They reminded me of a cross between big Victoria Beckham sunglasses and Aviators which is perfect for me as i love big sunglasses but i can’t do the chunky rims as they just don’t suit my face shape.

Burberry Sunglasses, £141.30 @ eyewearbrands.com

Although there is no need for a pair of sunglasses in England at the present time (and the majority of the time for that matter) but theres always the chance of some winter sun!


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