Blair’s Large Flower Earrings – Gossip Girl

Whilst watching the latest season of Gossip girl (if you’ve seen it and know who gossip girl is, surprise or what!?) I noticed Blair wearing some lovely large flower earrings (below) Although I don’t know where the original earrings are from, I’ve seen some on ASOS that would be the perfect addition to a summer […]

I Moustasche you a Question

 There are so many moustache related items out on the high street these days. Maybe its from the tale end of Movember. Well, I’m not complaining! and have got on board and bought an ‘I love moustache’ vest top from Thailand. But having a trawl round the shops and internet, I’ve found some crackers (like the […]

Gothic Monochrome

1. Dress – River Island £60 2. Tights – Pretty Polly £6  3. Boots – New Look Black Zip Back Wedges £24.99 4. Earrings – Topshop Pearl Rhinestone Drop Earrings £12.50 5. Clutch – Warehouse Tab Trim Clutch £10 I saw this dress on a River Island mailout and instantly was attracted to it. The whole outfit I’ve put together […]

Snug as a…Pug?! in a rug – Urban Outfitters

I apologise if you’ve opened up the post thinking that it’s a post about Pugs on rugs, wrapped in rugs or rugs made of pugs (gross on the latter) but this post it simply about Rugs. Having moved back home with the view to moving out again, Ive been looking at some very interesting home […]