Embellished Bodycon’s

The Christmas time is upon us again and doesn’t everyone know it! What I do find is good about christmas time is the pre christmas/boxing day sales and discounts they have going on, it’s great! Other than buying presents for family members and friends (some bought with the intention that I’ll get some of the end use out of it like the year I bought my dad a wii) I’ve been having a little search for myself. Well you’ve got to treat yourself sometimes, right?!

I’m glad you agree.

Although I don’t have a christmas party going on this year 😦 I’ve noticed a few nice  sequin embellished dresses that could be worn as a Xmas do dress or for christmas drinks at a bar or any christmas inspired occasion! But I’ve picked out my five favourite sequin/embellished dresses.

First saw this style of bodycon with a pattern of sequin embellishments on the dress last year when my friend Holly wanted to buy one last year from Topshop. I loved it then and I love the style now.

What will you be wearing for the special christmas occasions this year? x


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