One Song Wednesday – 19th December 2012

Fenech Soler – where to start! They’re a 4-piece British electropop band from Northamptonshire and if you don’t know much about them already, I suggest you head over to youtube and amazon and listen to their music!

I first happened upon Fenech Soler from my friend Beth who mentioned them to me, as her friends cousin is in the band. She played me their song ‘Stop & Stare’ and I loved it. In 2010, I went to Beach Break and, with them being relatively unknown, I was able to stand at the front of their set! Felt like there number 1 fan!

I love this song and don’t think they get enough praise and recognition. Hope you like the song as much as I do and keep listening out for them. If you can, get out and see them. They’re playing in Feb @ Nottingham, Manchester, Glasgow and they’ve already sold out in London. Less than a tenner from ticketmaster as well, bargain if you ask me.


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