I Moustasche you a Question

 There are so many moustache related items out on the high street these days. Maybe its from the tale end of Movember. Well, I’m not complaining! and have got on board and bought an ‘I love moustache’ vest top from Thailand. But having a trawl round the shops and internet, I’ve found some crackers (like the use of the word crackers on the run up to christmas!?) Slide1

1.Urban Outfitters Moustache Catchall – for your rings and things! – £10
2. Lucy’s Boutique Moustache black scarf – also in red – £9.99
3. Urban Outfitters Moustache salt and pepper – £8
4. Urban Outfitters Moustache bottle opener – £5
5. Zazzle Moustache iphone 5 case – £36.25
6. River Island Black moustache ring – £4
7. Topshop Moustache t-shirt by tee and tee – £20
8. Missguided Erinna Moustache Necklace – £5.99
9. ALDO Luci Moustache Print Purse – £12
10. River Island Black moustache stud earrings – £2
11. Missguided Tierra moustache pumps – £19.99 

I think the bottlle opener ring is one of my favourites. Being fashionable and useful at the same time!
I’ve added one below just for christmas from urban outfitters. You can click on any of the links (and the picture below) to view and buy the item!

Merry Christmas!

Xmas Decoration - £4 - Urban Outfitters


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