2012 in review – Thank you to all who visited!! Happy New Year

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.

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Primark SS13

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Christmas is over, boxing day sales have began and maybe you, like me, are not the

Check out my top (hard to pick) 20 best bits that I like form Primarks SS13 Collection. You can view the full collection on Look magazines website.

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© Pictures – Look Magazine

Blair’s Large Flower Earrings – Gossip Girl

Whilst watching the latest season of Gossip girl (if you’ve seen it and know who gossip girl is, surprise or what!?) I noticed Blair wearing some lovely large flower earrings (below)

gossip girl flower earrings

Although I don’t know where the original earrings are from, I’ve seen some on ASOS that would be the perfect addition to a summer outfit.

They come in Purple, peach and Summer Yellow. I know its still winter, but theres no time like the present to start shopping for your summer wardrobe! click on the image to view the earrings on asos.

I Moustasche you a Question

 There are so many moustache related items out on the high street these days. Maybe its from the tale end of Movember. Well, I’m not complaining! and have got on board and bought an ‘I love moustache’ vest top from Thailand. But having a trawl round the shops and internet, I’ve found some crackers (like the use of the word crackers on the run up to christmas!?) Slide1

1.Urban Outfitters Moustache Catchall – for your rings and things! – £10
2. Lucy’s Boutique Moustache black scarf – also in red – £9.99
3. Urban Outfitters Moustache salt and pepper – £8
4. Urban Outfitters Moustache bottle opener – £5
5. Zazzle Moustache iphone 5 case – £36.25
6. River Island Black moustache ring – £4
7. Topshop Moustache t-shirt by tee and tee – £20
8. Missguided Erinna Moustache Necklace – £5.99
9. ALDO Luci Moustache Print Purse – £12
10. River Island Black moustache stud earrings – £2
11. Missguided Tierra moustache pumps – £19.99 

I think the bottlle opener ring is one of my favourites. Being fashionable and useful at the same time!
I’ve added one below just for christmas from urban outfitters. You can click on any of the links (and the picture below) to view and buy the item!

Merry Christmas!

Xmas Decoration - £4 - Urban Outfitters

Gothic Monochrome

Monochrome Christmas

1. Dress – River Island £60
2. Tights – Pretty Polly £6 
3. Boots – New Look Black Zip Back Wedges £24.99
4. Earrings – Topshop Pearl Rhinestone Drop Earrings £12.50
5. Clutch – Warehouse Tab Trim Clutch £10

I saw this dress on a River Island mailout and instantly was attracted to it. The whole outfit I’ve put together is just under £115 (Definitely a pay day outfit!) and each item can be bought from the high street. With the earrings and the crochet ‘belt’, they add a certain gothic element to it with it staying classy too. Although the price together may give some a heart attack, (especially as a student) all the pieces can be worn again, thats the great thing with monochrome.

What additions would you add or change to this outfit?


One Song Wednesday – 19th December 2012

Fenech Soler – where to start! They’re a 4-piece British electropop band from Northamptonshire and if you don’t know much about them already, I suggest you head over to youtube and amazon and listen to their music!

I first happened upon Fenech Soler from my friend Beth who mentioned them to me, as her friends cousin is in the band. She played me their song ‘Stop & Stare’ and I loved it. In 2010, I went to Beach Break and, with them being relatively unknown, I was able to stand at the front of their set! Felt like there number 1 fan!

I love this song and don’t think they get enough praise and recognition. Hope you like the song as much as I do and keep listening out for them. If you can, get out and see them. They’re playing in Feb @ Nottingham, Manchester, Glasgow and they’ve already sold out in London. Less than a tenner from ticketmaster as well, bargain if you ask me.

Snug as a…Pug?! in a rug – Urban Outfitters

I apologise if you’ve opened up the post thinking that it’s a post about Pugs on rugs, wrapped in rugs or rugs made of pugs (gross on the latter) but this post it simply about Rugs.

dont forget to be awesome

Having moved back home with the view to moving out again, Ive been looking at some very interesting home furnishings. You know when you look at items and you think ‘that would look so cool in the mansion I’ll be living in this time next year’ (or maybe thats just me) but none of the things you see go together and come out following one theme. But what I have been looking at to replace my tatty, old, faded circle pink rug…is a new rug. Obviously depending on what theme I will end up having in my probably box room, will depend on what rug I go for.

I started my search in one of the places I wouldn’t even think to look first – Urban Outfitters. Have you been in there recently? They have such cool items! So I thought I would dedicate a post to Rugs…the perfect addition to a wood floor in winter times, and they come in extra handy when you have more than one and use them as hopping stones to your bed.

I personally would love to go for the exit one…but I don’t think green will go with much in my room. I think I would settle for the ‘Don’t forget to me awesome’ rug. Not that I will, but sometimes you need to be reminded, right?

Which one would you go for?